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Meet The Boss


Hello beauties , my name is Jalaya Laws . I am 20 year old student of North Carolina A&T State University. My dreams are to be a counselor for young girls and help them find peace within themselves and their true inner beauty. This brand signifies that for me as the products i provide are what helps myself and hopefully my beautiful customers glow and walk within the lines of your true beauty! Growing up, I knew one day I would start a business in the field of hair, whether it be being the hairstylist or selling products. So being a girl who loves every aspect of dealing with hair I decided to help everybody out and give you products that you’ll need to keep your hair laid all day .  I prayed hard to be able to achieve this dream , from the late night planning and budgeting , its finally happening . I give all my thanks to God and those of you who will support . Now it’s time to let Lay’D The Brand help you feel even more beautiful. 

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